About Circle of Friends

Our origins

A passion for music

Circle of Friends was born in 2010 as a passion project - to support original, indie musicians and singer-songwriters, bringing them together with small audiences in a community setting – right into people’s homes. Events have been a mix of music followed by shared food and drink, giving the audience and artists an opportunity to mingle in a relaxed, convivial atmosphere. Founding members included singer-songwriter, Jonathan Clifton, and community members, Kathy Simon and Geneva DiTaranto. Since then, Circle of Friends members have changed but the goal remains the same: to bring together musical artists with a community of music lovers. 

What we do

Bringing music home  

Circle of Friends Concerts introduces original musicians and bands to the community in small, intimate, private settings -
from nationally and internationally known talent, to regional favorites.
We are a not-for-profit organization bringing music home.

Who we are

Our members

Circle of Friends members are:  Geneva Di Taranto, Frank Siefert,
Iris Gaughn, Carol McCarthy and Raili York.